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What Is The Simplest Probate In Texas When There Is No Will?

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Guardianship?

The Difference Between Statutory Transfer On Death Deed & Lady Bird Deed

Advance Planning Tools To Help Avoid Probate

Do I Need A Trust?

3 Reasons You May Need A Guardianship

Do I Have To Probate If There Was A Will?

The Average Cost Of A Determination Of Heirship Proceeding In Texas

When Is A Living Trust A Waste Of Money

What Is A Small Estate Affidavit Proceeding And What Does It Cost?

Probate As A Muniment Of Title: What Is It & What Does It Cost?

When Can You Do A Small Estate Affidavit Procedure In Texas?

COVID-19 Pandemic Reminds People They Are Mortal: Estate Planning Is Really Important Now

Why Parents Of Young Children Need Wills

When Is A Living Trust A Good Estate Planning Tool?

What Do I Have To Do To Foreclose On A Deadbeat Borrower?

What Is A Muniment Of Title Probate, And When Is It Appropriate?

What Is The Cost Of A Simple Estate Planning Package

Important Breaking Information On How The Coronavirus Is Affecting The Workplace

Why You Need A Living Will And Medical Power Of Attorney

Starting A Business? Find Out Which Entity Type Is Best For You

Slick Trick In Texas To Transfer Real Estate Without Probate

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Trust?

Probate Process In Texas Is Not That Scary

You’re Not Too Young To Start The Estate Planning Process

Should You Consult An Attorney Before Signing A Real Estate Contract

Tips To Foreclose On A Real Estate Lien

Cost Of A Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreement

6 Key Questions To Help You Choose The Right Attorney

Don't Wait Until The Holidays To Do Your Estate Planning (That Might Be Too Late)

The Holidays: The Perfect Time To Talk To Your Family About Legal Arrangements

What Is Involved In Setting Up A Living Trust

Part 6: The Cost Of Probate Alternatives

Part 5: The Cost Of A Full Dependent Administration

It’s Not Too Late For A “Postnup” Agreement

Why You Should Have A Statutory Durable Power Of Attorney

Part 2: The Cost Of Probate As An Independent Administration

What Is The Cost Of Probate Or Administration Of An Estate?

Cost Of Incorporation

Cost Of Drawing Up A Will VS. Probate Without A Will

How Prenups Dovetail With Estate Planning

Prenups Aren't Just For The Rich And Famous. 6 Reasons To Have A Prenuptial Agreement

What Is The Legal Process To Divide An Estate If There Is No Will?

Should I Incorporate?

Why You Should Start Estate Planning In Your 20's

Worried About A Loved One's Ability To Take Care Of Their Own Affairs?

How Do I Avoid Needing a Guardianship?

What Do I Do If A Loved One Dies Without A Will? (Part Two)

What Do I Do If A Loved One Dies Without A Will? (Part One)

Avoid Probate: 3 Easy Estate Planning Tools

What Are Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements And Why Would I Need One?

Should I Agree To Carry The Note On The Sale Of Property?

Should I Consult An Attorney Before Signing A Lease?

5 Times You May Need An Attorney To Help You Buy Or Sell A Home

What Is A Limited Partnership?

What Is The Difference Between An LLP And An LLC?

What Is A Subchapter-S Corporation (S-Corp) And Do I Need It?

Are Your Personal Assets Really Protected If You Incorporate?

What Is A Sole Proprietorship?

What Is A Corporation And What Are The Benefits?

Is There More Than One Type Of Probate? [Probate Q&A Video Series]

How Long Does The Probate Process Take? [Probate Q&A Video Series]

How Soon Must A Will Be Probated After A Death? [Probate Q&A Video Series]

What Is Probate? [Probate Q&A Video Series]

Do I Need A Living Trust? [Estate Planning Q&A Video Series]

How Do I Get A Will? [Estate Planning Q&A Video Series]

Do I Need A Will? [Estate Planning Q&A Video Series]

How Much Does A Will Cost? [Estate Planning Q&A Video Series]

What Is A Will? [Estate Planning Q&A Video Series]

What Is Estate Planning And Why Do I Need It?

What Types Of Trusts Can You Use For Special Needs?

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4 Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Attorney

So What’s Going to Happen to New Overtime Rules Come December 1?

Get Ready for EEOC Activity on Sexual Orientation and Transgender Sexual Discrimination Charges

5 Essential Estate Planning Basics for Same-Sex Couples & LGBT Individuals

DOL Tightens Definition Of Independent Contractor Again!

Requiring a Health Questionnaire in Hiring Can Cost You Big Bucks

New Overtime Rules & the Non-Profit Sector

Employers: The Basics and the Nitty Gritty of Dealing with New Overtime Rules

Clock for New DOL Overtime Exemption Regulations Springs Ahead

Top 10 Reasons You Need A Will

Is Your Employee Handbook a Ticking Time Bomb?

HR Managers Can Help Stem the Tide of Huge Damages

Clean House for the New Year on Employee Pay Practices

Independent Contractor Classification Review: Avoid DOL/IRS/TWC Trouble

New Overtime Rules' Implementation Substantially Delayed

Texas Employers—How Will You Deal with New Texas Open Carry Law?

Do You Have a Blended Family? Estate Planning is Critical for You

Too Young To Do Estate Planning? Parents With Young Children Need It The Most

DOL Puts Out New Proposed Overtime Exemption Rules For Comment

Employers Gear Up For Changes In Treatment Of Same-Sex Spouses After Supreme Court Ruling

Top 10 Things Employers Do Wrong

6 Compelling Reasons to Have a Living Trust

Employers - How To Stay Out Of Trouble On Employee Pay

Mission Critical—Review Your Employee Handbook Now Before You Are Charged With An Unfair Labor Practice!

Are You Calling Your Workers Independent Contractors?—Beware DOL Has a Bullseye on You

Texas Employers — FMLA Same-Sex Rule Put on Temporary Hold

Rules Are Going To Change For Texas Employers On FMLA Treatment Of Same-Sex Spouses

Debunking The Top 5 Reasons People Don't Have A Will

Good News for Third-Party Employers of Home Care Workers, for Seniors, and the Disabled

Recent Ruling  U. S. Supreme Court Says Time Spent In Security Checks Is Not Compensable

EEOC Challenges Severence Agreements

Can Employer Fire Employee Who Calls the Boss an Asshole on Facebook? NLRB Says No!

Be Proactive - Do FMLA Audit Before DOL On-Site Investigation

Employers Need to Review Their “Confidentiality” Policies

To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate - That is The Question

Restaurants and Bars: Beware of Tipped Employee Pay Issues

Can I Seriously Not Fire an Employee Who Cussed Me Out and Trashed Me?

Is Allowing Employee to Telecommute a Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADA?

What Happens if I Die and Own Out-Of-State Property?

Scary Big Dollar Wage and Hour Cases Continue to Fill the News

Supreme Court Greatly Broadens Employee Whistleblower Protections

“Employment At-Will” Clause Can Get You in Trouble

What can I do to Protect My Business Against Wage and Hour Audits?

Houston Appeals Court Finds That Failure to Include Buy-Out Clause in a Physician Non-Compete Makes It Unenforceable

Overtime Pay to be New Normal for Home Health Care Workers

Wage And Hour Law:  How Do You Calculate Overtime Pay?

Avoiding An Overtime Pay Lawsuit: What Counts As "Hours Worked"?

Why Wage And Hour Lawsuits Are So Dangerous For Employers

Supervisor Illegally Harasses Iron Worker Based on Gender Stereotypes

Time to Update Employee Handbook

Are Same-Sex Marriages Treated Equally for Federal Tax Purposes?

Will Obesity be Considered a Disability Under the ADA?

New Requirements and Considerations in Applying FMLA to Same Sex Couples

EEOC Flexes Muscles on Use of Criminal History —Two Lawsuits Filed

What Should be in Employee Handbooks?

ADA Case—Is Arriving at Work on Time an Essential Job Function?

Two Whammies in Undocumented Worker Case--Worker May Recover Overtime Under FLSA and Individual Directors May Be Liable

Overtime Pay Mistakes Make DOL News Releases for Two Texas Panhandle Employers

Finally a Win for Employer on Independent Contractor Classification!

Arbitration Agreement Protects Against Fair Labor Standards Act Collective Action

Facebook Pics Prove FMLA Fraud