Estate Planning & Probate

You deserve peace of mind about your assets and your family’s future.

Every day, you work hard to provide for your family and yourself. Whether you are a young married couple with babies, a middle-aged professional with children, or retired and finally taking the time to explore the world, you want to take care of your loved ones and protect your assets.


One day, you will be unable to care for your family like you always have and when that time comes, you want to have your estate securely in place in order to protect your legacy and your loved ones.


An experienced estate planning and probate attorney like Adair M. Buckner can help you create an estate plan that will protect everything you’ve worked hard for and cherish. She is passionate about helping clients pass on their property and their values.


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Guiding Estate Planning Clients With Honesty & Clarity


Adair understands planning for the future can be scary and emotional for everyone involved. It can also be extremely complex. However, it’s essential, and taking the proper steps now will save you and your loved one’s money, time, and strife down the road.


You deserve peace of mind about your assets and your family’s future. Adair will develop an estate plan that is clear, cost-effective, and that meets your needs.


Adair helps Amarillo and Texas Panhandle residents with their estate planning and probate needs, as well as family members of those living in this area.


Adair also guides executors or administrators of estates, and heirs or beneficiaries, through the complex probate or administration proceedings. She helps families set up guardianships or trusts for family members with special needs. She helps clients explore probate alternatives to save time and money.


Adair routinely and competently handles:

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"We appreciate Adair Buckner’s professional and personable service. Our legal needs were met promptly and succinctly. We would not hesitate (and do!) recommend her to our family and friends."



I needed an attorney I could trust who could handle my legal concerns regarding my mother’s Living Trust. Adair Buckner firmly set things right. She was my voice when I had none and knew how to protect me in the midst of negative chaos. I recommend Adair to anyone seeking justice.